About Me

Hi I'm Joyce! I'm currently reading a book that's been sitting on my TBR list for too long. Or singing a song that's out of date. Or writing a book that's taking forever. I'm always reorganizing my bookshelves, I occasionally post content on my blog, and I never don't like a photo of a pug.

I am currently working towards a bachelor's in economics and accounting, but that doesn't stop me from being a writer and an avid reader. I have been captivated by books and stories since the age of five years old, when I first began to write my own short narratives. Imagine my excitement when I received my first library card when I was eight. I have been writing and reading since.

I fancy indie, punk pop/rock, and alternative music, but I will literally listen to anything. Always feel free to send me recommendations! I don't always have time for TV, but I love long television series. Like my reading and preferences, there really isn't much I will turn down.

Two other things to know about me? I strongly support the Oxford comma. And I DESPISE spoilers. :)

I created this blog in hopes to spread my love for books and literature to all. I hope you will enjoy your stay. Thanks for visiting! Read on.